January 21, 2023

What is an Eco Ring?

What is an Eco Ring?

Compostable. Biodegradable. the circular solution we've been looking for.

Eco Rings from E6PR (Eco Six Pack Rings) are an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic can carriers. Eco Rings are made from a compostable and biodegradable material derived from plant-based sources, such as barley and wheat. They come in 4-pack and 6-pack configurations for use with both standard and sleek can sizes (cans that use a 202 end).

Eco Friendly

Unlike traditional plastic rings, Eco Rings break down naturally when exposed to the elements, including sunlight, water, and microorganisms. When placed in compositing conditions, they are designed to decompose within weeks rather than the hundreds of years that plastic rings can take to break down. Yet, under normal storage conditions they maintain holding strength for months and months. 


Eco Rings are also designed to have great can holding strength and remain that way for months. Because they aren’t made from paper products, they maintain holding strength better than paperboard/cardboard carriers, particularly under typical moisture conditions.   


Circular solutions seek to eliminate waste and regenerate nature. Eco Rings are made from the straw, the natural byproduct of cereal grain harvest. Once composted, they return to rich soil which can support the growth of future crops.

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